Welcome to ODEC ! 

I am pleased to welcome you to to the Open and Distance Education Center (ODEC) where students can explore their immense potentials through a multi-pronged learning approach. Through ODEC, we reach out to those students who have a great desire to earn academic degree but could not do so by attending the face-to-face programs at the university and its campuses for a number of reasons. We are guided by the motto ‘if students cannot reach the university, the university should reach them’. 

ODEC uses the face-to-face mode of education curriculum but in a more customized manner, tailored to suit the needs of the students. Curricular contents are divided into a number of weekly lessons along with the reading materials and students are guided to approach those lessons in the virtual learning environment (VLE). Students review the reading materials, attend virtual classes, engage in discussion forums, complete the quizzes and communicate with teachers and friends on a regular basis on the Moodle. 

Our students acquire not only the academic and professional qualifications but also develop the sound information and communication technology (ICT) skills. 

Please join us in the massification of learning for those who are excluded from the access to higher education.

Thank you very much. 

Dr. Purna Bahadur Kandel