Modes of learning in priority will be online learning but all other mode of learning used in distance learning will be utilized to provide learning opportunity to the students according to their condition. MOODLE is the learning platform used in ODEC. The following learning options are provided:

Individual Learning: Using the learning platform a student can perform his/her learning individually following all the planned instructional activities in the given plateform.

Group Learning: Like a class in conventional mode, a virtual class is managed for those who want to be in regular class attendance in group. Different groups as will be formed and teaching learning activities will be launched in virtual class as it is done in conventional face-to-face class using ICT tools.

Fully Online: Students who have adequate internet facility can have the full option of online learning. Every learning activities and assessment will be handled through online mode. Both synchronous and asynchronous mode of communication will be used for online learning.

Text based with online support: Students who are not in good position of getting ICT facilities all the time  will get text based learning management. They can get one device with all learning resources and the activities they have to do. In a scheduled basis, they will be obliged to submit their assignment and need to be in connection with the tutors.

ODEC will use all the possible technologies used in open and distance learning as per needs. Our commitment is to ensure quality learning for quality education. The course requirements will be duly fulfilled. The observed weaknesses in open and distance education will be addressed to increase the effectiveness of this mode of learning. Attempts to address the issues like dissociation, learning rigor, interaction and quality production, distraction on online learning due to unfriendliness to the technology will be addressed utilizing both synchronous and asynchronous mode of communications. Different apps that can hint both students and tutors in time to alert them for the assignments to be completed will be used. A mechanism of regular monitoring and feedback to the students will be used.