Dr. Ganga Ram Gautam (Director)

Dr. Ganga Ram Gautam, Associate Professor of English Education at Tribhuvan University in Nepal, trains English teachers of all levels education. His specializations include teacher professional development, materials writing, educational research and professional networking. Dr. Gautam is the co-founder and past President of the Nepal English Language Teachers' Association (NELTA). Dr. Gautam has organized a number of national and international conferences and capacity building workshops for the leaders of professional associations and higher education institutions. Dr. Gautam has worked on a number of international and national research projects and community development programs in areas of children's education, school governance, innovations management and women's empowerment. Dr. Gautam holds an MA in ELT from Lancaster University, Hubert Humphrey Fellowship in International Education and Leadership from Boston University and a PhD from Kathmandu University. He has presented and participated in a number of workshops, seminars and conferences in Nepal and abroad.


Dr. Bed Prasad Dhakal  ( Deputy Director)


Ashok Sapkota

Lecturer, English Education

Ashok Sapkota is a Lecturer of English Education at Open and Distance Education Centre (ODEC), Tribhuvan University. He leads classes on interdisciplinary readings and research in English Education at the Tribhuvan University, Nepal, and conducts research on the use of technology and classroom practices. He has gained Masters’ in Philosophy in English Language Education from Kathmandu University, where his dissertation focused on teachers’ identity and their professional practices. He has worked as a presenter in several webinars as presenter and supported teachers in using online tools.] 

Ms. Anjana Rajbhandari (Administration)

Anjana Raj Bhandari is a Administartive Head at ODEC. She maintains the major administrative works at ODEC. 

Mr. Suraj Prasad Shrestha (Senior Finance Manager)

Suraj Prasad Shrestha is a senior finincial Manager at ODEC. He maintians the major internal finincial transaction of the programs conducted at ODEC. 


Bindu Neupane (IT Officer)

Bindu Neupane has been working as Head Technical Assistant (IT) at Open and Distance Education Center(ODEC),TU since Jan, 2022. She has been accomplishing all administrative and IT related works at ODEC. She has completed Master’s Degree in Computer Application(MCA) from Purbanchal University.

 Mr. Purshottam Shrestha (Accountant)

 Purshottam Shrestha is an accountant at ODEC. He maintains the accounting system for the programs conducted at Open and Distance Education Centre (ODEC).      


 Ms. Bal Maya Pode